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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Learn more about The Fresh Lemon, LLC!

Why do I need to schedule a walk through to receive a quote? 

We are committed to providing the very best cleaning service for every client! We recognize that every person, family and home are completely unique. Meeting with you allows us an opportunity to get to know your home and family on a more personalized level. We are able to discuss your specific needs, concerns and priorities. We are able to have visual representation of the types of materials and surfaces in your home, as well as, your individualized style.


Are you a minimalist or do your enjoy collecting ceramic unicorns? Does your home have built in shelving in every room, painted wainscoting throughout, or standard flat walls? Has that family heirloom vase already been glued together 4 times and you would rather we don't touch it? Does your guest bathroom rarely get used or is it your teenagers bathroom of choice? Our team truly cares and we respect your families individualism. Meeting with you, having the opportunity to fully hear you, and allowing you to show us your home is just one more way for us to fully meet your expectations and tailor your cleaning service to your individual needs.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products, and equipment?

Yes! Our team will come prepared with all of the products, supplies and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your home. We have strict policies in place to prevent cross contamination between homes and require that all of our equipment be replaced or sanitized in-between clients. However, because we are highly dedicated to preventing cross contamination between homes, we usually ask to use the clients vacuum as this is not something that we can thoroughly sanitize in-between clients. Yet, if you would prefer, we are happy to bring our own vacuums as well!

Have a favorite product(s) that you would prefer us to use? No problem! Just let us know during your free estimate walk through and have the product(s) sitting out for our team when we arrive for your visits and we will gladly accommodate your requests.

Will I have the same schedule and cleaners every visit?

Yes and yes! We are a small local, family operated company. Being a small business allows us to provide our clients with prompt and convenient scheduling. While we will work with you to find a specific day and timeframe that works best for you, we do ask that our clients allow us a two hour arrival window. There are times throughout the year that we may need to restructure our schedule in order to accommodate our growing clientele and our own, personal evolving schedules. However, we always take your needs into consideration and ensure that any schedule adjustments are discussed and agreed upon before implementing changes.

How and when do I pay for for services?

Payment is due on the day of service. We accept cash, or credit card payments. Before scheduling your first cleaning visit we will send you a document that allows you to put a credit card on file. We then set up automatic payments to be completed through our secure, automated system and you will receive a receipt for each visit. This allows our clients to have a completely hands off experience! No worrying about remembering to pay an invoice, no late fees, just come home and relax in your freshly cleaned space! 

Do I have to be home during service?

Absolutely not! One of the best things about hiring a house cleaning service is walking in the door after a long day and finding a completely fresh and clean home! However, many times our clients will be home during our services and we do not mind at all. We simply ask that all family members remain in a separate area of the home to help reduce the possibility of injury and so that our team can remain focused and efficient.

During your free estimate walk through, we will discuss the best way for our team to securely enter the home. Many of our clients give us a specific code or a key. Power washers will need access to all sides of the home that are being serviced and will need to be able to enter locked fences or gates.

Can I request special tasks or extras?

Of course! We love going above and beyond to help our clients! We offer many Extra Zest Add-Ons that can be added to your customized package or scheduled anytime you may need some extra freshness. This may be subject to extra costs and for larger tasks, we may need to set aside some extra time or plan for an additional visit. 


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